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I won’t lie.  I love my beard.  I actually considered joining the fire service a few years ago but would’ve had to shave and that put an end to that potential career path.  Facial hair of epic proportions earns respect from men and send chicks crazy in a way I can’t even explain.  It’s as though I’m just emitting male pheromones.  To grow and maintain a truly admirable beard, or mustache for that matter, takes a level of commitment – it’s a long term relationship and while it does require some work, the benefits are well worth it.

This website is for everyone out there who appreciates the beauty of beards and I hope it inspires you to nourish and maintain your man-locks.  For those of you yet to achieve the full face crown, I hope you find the passion and pride on this website helps you develop your own style of beard.

Happy hair-growing!


             Confidence and masculinity. Portrait of handsome young bearded man looking at camera while standing against grey background

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