Here’s a simple explanation of some of the more common bearded jargon you might stubble, I mean stumble upon…

Handlebar:  A mustache with long sides that does not hang below the corners of the mouth, held in place by styling wax.

Facespanner:  A version of the Handlebar that reaches the full width of the face. An enviable achievement.

Overhand Twist:  A Handlebar that has its’ ends twisted and curled upwards.

Underhand Twist:  A Handlebar that has its ends twisted and curled downwards.

Yeard:  A beard that has thrived for a full year without any intervention (eg no trimming or tending to)

Tweard:  A yeard that has prospered for twice as long.

Terminal beard:  A beard that has reached its’ full potential unaided and has ceased to grow, due to split ends or hair falling out.  This has also been referred to as reaching “critical mass”.

Van Dyke: A style of goatee, where the cheeks are left clean shaven, but the mustache connects to a short chin beard.  Named after 17th century Flemish artist, Anthony Van Dyck.

Mutton chops: the whiskers on a man’s cheek when shaped like a meat chop, narrow at the top and broad and rounded at the bottom.



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