Best Cities to find a Bearded Beau

Best Cities to find a Bearded Beau (that are not Portland)

Romantic bearded man with flowers
Who says romance is dying?

Searching for a bearded boyfriend? While I could never condone the pressure put on men to look a certain way, I have compiled a list of US cities to search for your scruffy soul mate. Because a beard is more than a look, it’s a way of life.

1) Denton, Texas: Denton Texas is the home of the University of North Texas. With a mascot bearing the name Scrappy the Eagle, expectations are set low on the beard barometer. However, beards in Denton are anything but scrappy. Denton residents even coined the term “Keep Denton Beard” to rival state mate Austin’s “Keep Austin Weird”. In Denton, beards are more than a hygiene choice, they are a “state of mind, heart, and soul” according to a beard-loving Denton blog I Beard Denton (formerly Keep Denton Beard;

2) Brooklyn, New York: When most think of the Brooklyn beard, it is the hipster bristles that come to mind. While the Williamsburg beards are an inspiration, facial haired friends can be found throughout the borough. Brooklyn is incredibly diverse, so you can see a world of beards by taking a walk through Prospect Park. The Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn boasts one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in the world, and the neighborhood of Brighton Beach hosts the largest Russian-speaking community in the United States. With a huge population of the historically well whiskered, there are plenty of men to give the bearded hipsters a run for their money in a facial hair face off.

3) Alaska: Alaska is not a city, but the bearded glory cannot be confined to one township in this exquisite state. To riff of the state motto: North to the (Facial Hair) Future! Alaska boasts the most beards per capita of any state in the United States of America and has a higher population of men than women. As they say, “the odds are good but the goods are odd”.

4) Boston Massachusetts: For all you statistics fans: it should be noted that Boston ranked Number 1 in Beard Friendliness by Wahl Home Products (Wahl Clipper’s Company). The company measured friendliness based on “in-depth analysis of the online universe” with rankings based on “overall interest and positive sentiment” toward facial hair. Boston also is the home of the Boston Beard Bureau, a competitive bearding team. Boston Beard Bureau’s guidelines include this nugget of whisker wisdom: “All members will embody the good nature of facial hair and spread joy throughout the land.”

5) Missoula Montana: Missoula is also the home of the University of Montana, and historically, the mainstays of its economy have been the University and the lumber industry. The lumber industry has produced some of the finest beard our world has ever seen. Just think of Paul Bunyon, the giant lumberjack folktale fellow whose stories have been told for generations. Statues of this faux historical figure can be found throughout the United States as an inspiration to both loggers and bearded men everywhere. Lumbersexual is the term now gaining popularity used to describe a growing subculture of men with beards that are both rugged and well maintained. Mixing the rugged outdoors with the university setting is sure to promote beard culture in Missoula. In fact, a man in Missoula is saving Christmas one party at a time with his beard. Todd Kayne created a website to advertise his Santa-like beard (and its accompanying self) to be Santa at Missoula-area Christmas Parties. This is a great service because fake beard Santa’s ruin the magic of Christmas. Kayne’s website, explains all about his journey and the inspirations that have brought him to this point of bringing a real beard to the tradition of Santa. With the University crowd, the lumbersexual trend, and Santa, Missoula is a must-visit for beard tourism.

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