Best Beards in Cinema 2015

The Best Beards in Cinema
In preparation for the Academy Awards, here is a list of five nominees for the best beard in a movie. While there were, in my opinion, too many clean-shaven roles this year, I have managed to find a five finely facial-haired fellows to vie for this honor.

1) Andrew Mackie: Falcon in Captain America: Winter Soldier

The goatee is a difficult look to pull off. I don’t know if it’s the goggles or the metal flight suit, but something about Falcon’s look really makes this type of beard work. Andrew Mackie is a lovable veteran gone support-group leader/ superhero who deserves his own movie. Luckily Mackie and his goatee got a good showing in Captain America 2: the Winter Soldier.

andrew mackie falcon goatee

2) Chris Pratt: Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy
2015 was the year of Chris Pratt. He transformed for the lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec to the leading man in not one, but two, wildly popular movies. Yes, one of them was animated, but still. So much attention has been paid to Pratt’s bodily transformation that one would think he was a Hollywood actress being constantly barraged by the tabloids. While his abs have gotten all the credit, his scruff has been overlooked. Though not a full beard, Pratt’s facial hair as Star Lord is award-worthy. It fits perfectly with Star Lord’s down-to-other-earths character.

chris pratt facial hair

3) Bishop in X-men Days of Future Past
We are entering into the full bearded competitors. Bishop, although underutilized in the latest X-Men installment, his beard got enough airtime in the opening scene to earn membership on this exclusive list of facial hair. Like Falcon, he is a Marvel hero we should be seeing more of. Regardless, this is a facial hair look for any man to emulate.

bishop x men beard, bishop facial hair

4) Bradley Cooper: American Sniper
This beard is the front runner in the competition. It certainly saw the most screen time of any of the nominees. This inspiring true story gave us a look inside war and its impact the people involved, and has received a lot of positive and negative media attention. But, for the sake of this article, put aside the serious nature of the film and its controversies, and look at this magnificent beard. Oh, and Bradley Cooper is under it!

bradley cooper american sniper beard, bradley cooper beard
Bradley Cooper rocks a sexy beard in American Sniper

5) Pollux in Mockingjay
This character had to present a lot through actions as he could not speak. The camera would pan to his soft eyes, and it was difficult not to get distracted from the seriousness of rebellion by the grandeur of Pollux’s beard. Even while on the run from Panam’s Capitol, he looks put together with his perfectly styled scruff, that is somewhat unbelievable given the context. (As is Cressida’s perfectly shaven half-head with tattoos that seems never to stubble). The third installment of the Hunger Games showed us that even when active in a rebellion, and without a stylists constant professional hair care, one can look good.

pollux mockingjay beard, hunger games beard
There’s no cringe at this tinge of ginge…

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